Mural painted for Becky Lynch goes viral!

When I went down to Hosier Lane to paint a piece of the WWE women’s Champion Becky Lynch I could never have imagined what was to come. From painting in an alley way with no expectations to being escorted back stage to meet her in person during a record breaking wrestling event of 70,309.

Here is a video of the champ cutting a promo infront of the mural, a video that would hit half a million people around the world

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WWE Super Show Down 2018

Becky Lynch the most under rated women’s wrestler has finally become the champion, I thought what A better time to show my respects the way I know how, with a mural just down the road from where she would be defending for the first time in The Melbourne Cricket Ground in Hosier Lane. I could never have expected what was to come, having The Champ cut a promo infront of the piece and later inviting me backstage to thank me personally, not only is she an amazing sports entertainer but she’s an humble & generous individual.


After WWE & Becky Lynch sharing this piece it had quite a lot of hype behind it, here’s a few wrestling/art fans getting down for a photo op

Becky Lynch Mural (Hosier Lane) 05/10/18

Becky Lynch Mural (Hosier Lane) 05/10/18