Carved Art Exhibition


On November 25th an exhibition of Collaborations Paintings with 8 local artists, Augmented Reality, Hand Carved 3D Paintings & Solo works launched at Greaser Gallery in Fortitude Valley, QLD, Australia, hosted and curated by Lukas Kasper
A one night only show that encompassed the past present and future of the arts with each artist given the opportunity to not only hang on a wall but to come to through the realm of AR

Exhibition Synopsis
8 talented artists that carved the culture you see around you in QLD all brought together under one roof by Kasper, the concept of the show to collaborate with those creatives that inspired him in the city where the journey all began.

The past 2 years Kasper has been traveling the globe on the mission to make as many creative waves as possible. A journey that would never have begun if it wasn’t for the inspiring individuals that pushed the direction of our creative environment. This exhibition is the last opportunity for him to work with these artists before the travels continue. One night dedicated to telling this story through physical representation:

Each step of the process to tell a story:

- Carving: representing the shaping of our environment
- Painting: Representing a direct look into each artists creative process with complete creative freedom 
- Augmented Reality: Representing the future and giving the viewer a space to interact personally with each artists vision.

Luke Phillips